Main Objectives

Wide coverage

Capturing all data of End of Day (EOD DATA) for the various areas do not have to complete these tasks (One Stop Shop), or may incorporate all primary sources or providers (Reuters, Bloomberg, among others) in a single base/centralized solution. All of this with monitoring of each data collection process (JOBs of collecting).


Management of information with the maximum of governance, audit and flexibility in integration.


Enable processes of textures to see if these files and their data are as expected (DATA QUALITY rules for checking of textures).

Conditioning of Data

Conditioning more than one data source for critical processes, ensuring the quality and availability of data on timing necessary (DATA QUALITY WITH contingenciamentos, comparison and textures).


Create several facilities and flexibilities to add quickly new data (layer of acquisition integrated with various data providers, which can be configured and executed without stirring in system code).

Unique Base

Be, or come to feed, the unique base data for the whole organization can share the same data without costly retrofits and without operational risk for different information. Generate REFERENCE DATE.

Easy Integration

Integration of various shapes and with all systems that require these data, which may be via Files, WebServices or layers of publication/subscription. Many customers are exporting more than 500 “files” per day with this information.


So that data can only be viewed/included in certain areas and cannot be altered by anyone. Layers of users x permissionamentos of all solution.


So whether the data were stored and/or change in time (digital traceability of data by marking each pair of data series/Attribute – as and when we arrived, and when any change has changed – from which, for what and for whom).


Facilities of monitoring WEB of JOBs that run these integrations with rules for quality before and after implementation.

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