Solution BDS.h.EDM

Solution BDS.H.EDM is in constant improvement and is perceived as a complete solution of EDM – Enterprise Data Management for the management of the series of financial market data and all its history. In the course of our evolution we more numerous features related to the complete cycle of use of these data: Acquisition, storage, processing, calculation, quality controls, Contingenciamentos of Data and platform, Robust Audits, layers of security and integration, extending the governance of managers of EDM to users and/or systems that use this information.

Main Features

  • Purchase of any data, Sources, Data Vendors , or other services.
  • Modeling and storage of Families, Series, attributes of value, Land Registry, streams, fountains, among other structures.
  • Quality processes of individual series or groupings of data.
  • Services of calculations by our library or using the customer or third.
  • Sophisticated queries via Excel and/or Web.
  • Permissions and traceability, with audit trails.
  • WEB monitoring of tasks (JOBs) with dependencies of validation rules files, or its contents, or calculations, among other tricks.
  • Integration via files, via web services or via HUBs (IBM Broker and TIBCO).
  • Notifications and alerts in various ways.
  • Contingency, comparisons and consistencies of data from one or two different providers (ex: Bloomberg, Reuters, BDS Data Hub).
  • Wide Governance.
  • Graphical views.

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