Módulos opcionais

Opcional Modules

Several optional modules according to your needs.

Interfaces e Integrations


BDS Interface.H.EDM for Feeders that publish data in a structured way. Through this module will set all mapper (DE-FOR) between these feeders and the data structures (Families, Series, Lists, Filters, cadastral attributes, values and tables).

  • BLOOMBERG Interface Data License
  • REUTERS Interface Date Select Scope

BDS.h.Webserivces (Consultation and inclusion)

Allows you to integrate the information from BDS.H.EDM through webservices, developed in .NET architecture-WCF. We offer over 80 methods for both queries as to the inclusion of data on the basis of the BDS.H.EDM.

BDS.h.Pub&Sub for IBM Broker

Module that enables the publication of data that are subscribed, so it is done the insert, update or delete, to layer of integration broker.IBM and publishing in the queue for each system.

BDS.h.EXPOGEN (Generect Exporter)

This module allows the export of data stored in the BDS.H.EDM for any systems of legacy or other data bases. Now we integrate with different legacy systems such as CRK, Sian, SBS, TRADE, Matera, FHS, TotalBanco, Algorithmics, RiskControl, Autbank, FINCS, among others. Different types of data can be exported, such as public quotes, feeders, data owners of curves, MtM, surfaces of volatility, correlation matrix and scenarios. Data can be exported in different layouts or formats like TXT, XML, CSV, Dataset or templates.

BDS.h.IMPOGEN (Generic Importer)

Module that allows the purchase, importation of data to base of the BDS.H.EDM from files provided by sources, primary feeders or owners of the client. Data can be imported into different layouts or formats like TXT, XML, CSV and dataset. During the import process we will have the intelligence to create the series and/or new attributes as well as generate all statistics of each of these processes.

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