Reference Data (quotations and financial series) that will be used throughout the organization.

BDS/L Licenciamento

BDS/L License

The BDS/L has the complete solution for the governance of the life cycle of data BDS.h EDM – Enterprise Data Management. In addition to the solutions, standard model or enterprise, we have several optional modules tailored to your needs.

BDS/S Serviços

BDS/S Services

The BDS/S provides various services, aiming the good health of the solution, high productivity and “time to market”: installations, configurations, trainings, customizations, implementations of calculations, Co Management of sustentation and SLAs to support.

BDS/D Dados

BDS/D Data

The BDS/D provides services with the daily updating of several packagesof data in the financial market, with more than 500 thousand historical series of information of local markets as well as various partnerships covering the data / international quotations.

Why choose The Bds DataSolution

  • Experience of 20 years with management and integration of mission-critical data for the financial market.
  • Optimization and monitoring of cycle-of-life of information mitigating several operational risks.
  • Collection of historical data on a single account, with any sources and/or service providers (national or international).
  • Database of standardized with broad governance and greater control, quality and safety.
  • Excellent cost x benefit compared to the solutions developed by customers or third providers.

Customers who have already used the Bds DataSolution

  • The product we have here at Banco Votorantim meets perfectly our needs regarding the precificações. The system is stable, fast and fully adaptable. About the support service offered, we have belief that is done the best service within the needs of our company. I do not have any event over the past two years in the tools that has undermined our business. With regard to projects/demands, we already have a longstanding partnership and several projects implemented together with success and helping the company to generate revenue. Highly recommend the name, product, services and brand Bds DataSolution.

    Rafael Coelho
    Rafael Coelho Banco Votorantim
  • Our experience with the Bds DataSolution is very positive, we are users of the Solution for over 10 years. As IT analyst and business I have been following the contract for 8 years, the data are safe and correct, today we received several currencies quotations and rates, which are used in our ERP system across the company in several areas, the support is available and responsive and the availability of the solution nowadays is very close to 100%.

    Giovanni Ferreira
    Giovanni Ferreira Companhia Siderurgica Nacional
  • The data service of the Bds DataSolution gave us the obtaining of the information disseminated by data sources with a extremely low delay of time. It also allowed us to meet a variety of information from many sources into a single tool, becoming viable the creation of a data history that is of extreme importance in our day-to-day. This was crucial to ensure that the risk reports were finalized and available for the use of senior management in an appropriate time for their decision-making.

    Douglas Lima
    Douglas Lima Risco de Mercado e Liquidez
  • I work with The Bds DataSolution for 15 years, where I am always answered with the highest degree of efficiency and quality in its services. Fully meets the information needs of market data for all sectors. Highly recommend!!!

    Carlos Madeira
    Carlos Madeira Gerente de Riscos Corporativos e Controles Internos na Paranapanema S.A.
  • I'm a client of Bds DataSolution for over 10 years, and I’m being very well attended on all fronts. Since the systems and solutions offered through the services in general, and even signing for receipt of data, I have always been very pleased with the quality presented by this company.

    Carlos Henrique Souza
  • I commend the Bds DataSolution, its professionals and systems. Excellent platform to capture market indices. Strategic supplier for automation and operational efficiency. System safe, stable and practical. I had the opportunity to work with the Bds DataSolution by two financial institutions, and in both cases, in partnership, we had success in implementations of new business.

    João Laranjeira
    João Laranjeira Coordenador de Sistema no Banco Fibra
  • We have replaced an internal project of market data by the BDS.h EDM, a decision which saved money, time and improved the quality. The process of capturing information: locations and off-shore are consolidated by the Bds DataSolution and we rely on alerts in case of anticipation failures of the TI operations team. We integrate the BDS.h EDM with all the legacies, including systems of market risk and liquidity. This project has protected the technological environment, ensured the uniqueness of the information and the anticipation of processing for the processing team (back office). With the feeding mechanisms of contingency, any failures in the sources do not hinder compliance levels of agreement. What I mean is: The Bds DataSolution created conditions necessary for good governance.

    Cesar de Souza Lima
    Cesar de Souza Lima Executivo de TI e Projetos
  • The solution BDS.h EDM provided to Banco Votorantim centralisation of databases of prices and quotations, through a robust tool and effective for our business, supporting us on a journey of change with arrival of a basic model journal for the entire institution. The services offered by the Bds DataSolution are timely and guarantee a good quality of the information that is used in several areas of the bank, in addition we have a partnership which established a degree of trust based in years of partnership.

    Wallace Jagiello
    Wallace Jagiello Gerente de TI do Banco Votorantim
  • The solutions of the Bds DataSolution are very flexible. In addition to the use of data provided by your facility, i had a great experience in store private data, such as curves and all the metrics of risk (VatR, Stress, FX exposure, GO Delta, etc.). This has enabled s better communication with users of data, especially the operating table, in addition to the production of risk reports from the BDS solution.h EDM. I have also had the experience of using the Generator System of curves, it was a great alternative to automate the generation of curves of closing day. The curves were used throughout the bank to the oficial calculation of Mark to Market.

    Daniel Alves de Brito Filho
    Daniel Alves de Brito Filho Head of Market and Liquidity Risk
  • I have already had the opportunity to work and deploy the solution solution BDS.h EDM for sharing market data in various institutions that worked, who used the data intensely by various departments, bases and systems, in particular those of Market Risk, Liquidity and Capital, with an automation of capture and distribution, integrating seamlessly into processes and system that used to feed the data.

    Luiz Henrique Lobo
    Luiz Henrique Lobo Head of Risk Management, Capital, Compliance and AML